Science, Community, and Progress.
Technical, science-informed workouts


sci·ence /ˈsaɪ əns /

noun: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

You will always find top-of-the-line fitness and boxing equipment and knowledgeable, technique-driven coaching at Checkmate Boxing, ensuring you will get a comprehensive workout with intent.

Workouts are integrated with workout planners and heart rate tracking tech to give you the ability to consistently track, plan, and record your workouts via the Checkmate Boxing app. Our Certified Boxing Coaches methodically and rigorously breakdown the "Sweet Science" in a way that is easy for anyone to understand. Sessions are programmed months in advance, with targeted goals each day, week, and month, to give you a technical and scientifically-accurate functional workout utilizing skills that real boxers use.

Get fit while having fun, or acquire more boxing knowledge and skills. Either way, rest easy that we've got everything you need to help you reach your potential.

Find a boxing community - engage, discuss, and encourage fellow boxers


Checkmate Boxing is a local community gym. Both founders, Anthony and Amy, believe in the importance of creating invaluable relationships between all members of our community and in cultivating an approachable, encouraging, non-judgmental environment that allows every boxer to improve.

As a member of the Checkmate Boxing community, you will be able to engage, discuss, and encourage your fellow boxers, participate in gym-wide fitness challenges & competitive leaderboards, and share your progress through the Community Portal and app.

Joining our community also means that you're part of a family united by common interests and shared passions. So come get your sweat on then replenish your electrolytes with a beer at our monthly Box 'N Brew, cheer loudly at a Fight Night, or share that funny boxing video with your Checkmate Boxing family because we're all boxing nerds here.

We're all
boxing nerds
Progress towards your fitness and boxing goals


forward or onward movement towards a destination

Boxing is a full-body sport requiring agility, endurance, mental and physical dexterity, balance, and grit. Getting "fighting fit" requires elements of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, strength & conditioning, and mental engagement that will increase your overall functional fitness.

Every session at Checkmate Boxing is small to maintain quality, ensuring each boxer receives personalized instruction and feedback. Outside your sessions, track meal plans and workouts, and use results to guide you towards your health and fitness destination.

Whether you want to increase your boxing prowess as a competitive fighter, or try an innovative, fun, high-intensity interval training exercise, we guarantee to always provide an interesting, continually evolving workout to help you progress towards your goals.

mittwork with young boxer

Youth Program

mittwork with Parkinson's boxer
Rock Steady Boxing San Jose

"In this corner, HOPE."

private boxing training with Coach

Private Training

Want a little more personal attention?

Our certified Personal Trainers & Coaches can create customized programs for your needs! Whether you're interested in taking your boxing competition to the next level, or want more specialization in strength & resistance training, Checkmate Boxing can help you achieve your health and wellness goals on a one on one level.

Small Group and Youth private training is also available, so contact us for your next company team-building event or special occasion!

nutrition coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Good nutrition habits provide the backbone for a healthier (and happier!) lifestyle.Checkmate Boxing provides nutrition coaching for those who are looking for a better way to improve their health, gain a better understanding of macros, and apply holistic approaches to nutrition and wellness. We believe in personalized nutrition coaching and in utilizing methods that result in sustainable gradual changes that promote long-term mental and physical health.

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