fight for perfection.

Checkmate Boxing is founded on the principle that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

We want to promote the sport of boxing by making it accessible to everyone, while also protecting the integrity of the sport by adhering to the highest standards of boxing fundamentals and science.

With that commitment, we don’t just pretend to box.
We intend to teach you real techniques that real fighters use and to help you achieve your health and fitness goals using metrically-driven improvement for targeted results,
whether they be inside or outside of the ring.

Checkmate Boxing is here for the people who always give it their all, the people who know that anything worth having is worth fighting for, and the people who take pride in their work and themselves.

Come join our community today and we promise you’ll fall in love with the sport too.

Our Team

Anthony Palomo

  • Co-Founder, Head Coach
  • Amateur Boxer
  • Resident comedian

If Mike Tyson and Mr. Rogers morphed into one being, Anthony would be the result. Born and raised right here in San Jose, Anthony is a lifelong athlete and coach of various sports. His boxing classes are fun, engaging, and relatable for all up-and-coming pugilists. During his coaching path, he has obtained certifications from USA Boxing, ISSA, and Box 'N Burn. When Anthony is not coaching, you can find him boxing; not a day goes by where he doesn't don his gloves and work up a sweat.

Though Anthony might look like a grizzly bear in class, he's actually a total teddy when it comes to breaking down the sweet science.

Amy Mongersun

  • Co-Founder, Coach
  • Amateur Boxer
  • Enginerd

Amy spent her formative years idolizing Barbara McClintock, conducting experiments in her bedroom, and teaching her classmates the proper pronunciation of deoxyribonucleic acid Hermione Granger style. As a self-proclaimed nerd, Amy went on to Cornell to study biomedical engineering and completed her MS at SCU. With years of boxing under her belt, Amy wants to share her love of the sport and make it approachable and welcoming to everyone, no matter their background.

As Checkmate Boxing's resident mad scientist, Amy is truly bringing her knowledge of the hard science to the sweet science.

Soren Dever

  • ISSA Certified
  • Equinox Personal Trainer
  • USA Boxing Certified

Soren was born in Michigan but has lived in the bay area since he was little. Soren has been boxing with Checkmate Boxing for over a year now and aspires to compete in the amateur division.
He loves the Raiders and boxing!

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