Introduction to Boxing

Start your boxing adventure off right with the correct fundamentals. This mandatory FREE session starts with a warm-up, our MOVE section and a brief lesson in boxing technique (stance, footwork, and punches). Practice what you just learned on the bags and with mittwork in a boxing ring with a Certified Coach. Come tour the facility, try out our top-of-the-line equipment, and rent out a heart rate tracker during your session!



Light Pawn

Boxing Basics

Learn the rest of your boxing basics with the 4-part Light PAWN series. Build up your boxing defense and footwork and add a few more punches to your arsenal. Get fit and have fun in this fast-paced calorie-burning workout, all while practicing proper boxing technique with tailored drills, exercises, bag work, & mittwork.


Dark Pawn

Boxing Fundamentals

Cultivate your boxing knowledge with a Dark PAWN session. Learn and practice real, practical boxing combinations while getting a boxer's full-body conditioning workout in a fun and high-energy setting. Establish technical and practical knowledge of boxing styles and add new techniques to your boxing repertoire.



Boxing Strength & Conditioning

Build up the strength, endurance, and athleticism required to be a competitive boxer. ROOK sessions utilize a variety of bodyweight, weightlifting, and functional movement workouts to maximize the power, speed, and force generated in all of your boxing movements, from your punches to boxing defense and footwork.



Boxing Technique & Movement

Develop striking technique and combinations while building lean fast-twitch muscle with these high-intensity workouts. Build up your striking, defense, reaction, and footwork with bag work, mittwork, and partner drills. Start specializing your boxing offense and defense and developing basic concepts of fight strategy.



Sparring & Boxing Technique

Train like a competitive boxer by implementing simulated sparring drills, bag work, ring work and partner-Coach drills. Practice different fight styles, techniques, and strategies to graduate you from "someone who boxes" to a "boxer."


Coach's Approval

Personal Training

The Royal Treatment

More boxing footwork? More mittwork? More sparring drills? Strength and conditioning? Weight-loss regimen?

Whatever your health or fitness goals are, we've got it all on a one-on-one level.

Please contact for availability prior to booking.

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