Find us at:
  • Downtown San Jose
  • 157 W San Fernando St
  • San Jose, CA 95113
    Contact us at:
  • E: info@checkmateboxing.com
  • P: (669) 600-9984
  • IG: checkmateboxing
  • FB: CheckmateBoxing


Our facility is a modern, state-of-the-art space located conveniently in downtown San Jose. Inside you will find everything you need to level up your boxing game: regulation standard boxing ring, a variety of boxing bags including 150 lb heavy bags, Aqua & headhunter bags, double ended bags, slip bags, a speed bag platform and more!

In addition to boxing equipment, you can also find standard fitness equipment, a lifting area and power rack, as well as cardio and conditioning equipment, Concept 2 rower machines and Ski-Ergs, Assault AirRunner treadmills, and Assault fan bikes.

Our sessions are integrated with the newest tech, from heart-rate monitoring and calorie tracking, to measuring punch volume, output, and speed. We offer real-time performance metrics so that you can quickly see your results, know how you're doing during a session and how to improve next time.


filtered water station

Bring your own bottle for our water station.

free wi-fi

Post that awesome pic of you getting your sweat on to IG.

metric & data tracking

Get all the metrics and data you need to help you level up.

towel service

Cause we know you'll be dripping sweat from these calorie torching workouts.

keycode lockers

Store your loot in a secure locker without worry while you're in beast mode.

wraps & gloves service

Clean wraps and gloves for rent.
Free with some memberships!

it's the future...train like it

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