PAWN Session

PAWN Session

what to expect during your first pawn session


RD 1

Come 10-15 minutes before your first session to sign your waiver and have your hands wrapped by a Coach.

Let us know at this time if you would like to borrow a heartrate tracker during your session so you can keep track of all the calories you're burning during your session!

RD 2

Every PAWN session starts with active dynamic stretches and a warm up with our signature MOVE section.

The MOVE section is 4 rounds (Easy, Medium, Hard, & Max Effort) comprised of 2 exercises followed by a stretch. MOVE sections change for each workout and focus on either arms, legs, core, or full body.

RD 3

Every pro starts off with good fundamentals. Learn or review boxing basics with stance, footwork & movement, and straight punches.

You can be sure that you will start your boxing journey on the right path during this instruction period. Learn proper form & technique so you will be punching harder and faster safely in no time!

RD 4

Now it's time to get a little sweaty and have a some fun! Practice what you just learned with some boxing footwork drills, heavy bag work and mittwork in a boxing ring with a Certified Coach.

Our sessions are kept small enough so a Coach will always be available to answer any questions or provide guidance if needed.

RD 5

Every session finishes off with a fun relay activity focusing on strength & conditioning. Relays are typically completed as a group and may require partner cooperation or be of a competitive nature.

After, we will all stretch out and cooldown together....

You've made it through your first Checkmate Boxing class!

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