Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can anyone participate?
    Anyone with Parkinson's Disease is able to participate in RSB classes. An intake evaluation process is conducted prior to the first class to determine your level. Some participants will require a caregiver partner (Cornerman) to assist in each session. Individuals of all ages are benefiting from RSB’s program. We strongly encourage you to also discuss RSB participation with your physician prior to your first workout.
  • do i need a doctor's note?
    We require every participant to have a physician’s release. Rock Steady Boxers should always discuss any form of exercise they are doing inside and outside of RSB with their physicians as part of their overall wellness plan. RSB also requests that individuals with cardiac problems clear their participation with their doctors to make sure that they can participate in activities requiring rigorous exercise.
  • what do i wear?
    Wear comfortable, breathable clothes that allow you to move freely. Most of our members wear sweatpants or shorts and t-shirts. Athletic, close-toed shoes are required.
  • what do i need to bring?
    We will have gloves and wraps that you can borrow while you are attending your classes at Checkmate Boxing, however, there will also be some available for purchase. We stress the importance of staying properly hydrated, so make sure to bring a water bottle (Tip: water bottles with straws are easier to use with boxing gloves on!). We have a water bottle filler station so you will be able to fill up as many times as you like!
  • what should i expect?
    The class assigned to you after your initial assessment was chosen to meet your specific level of Parkinson’s. You can expect to be greeted warmly by the staff and your fellow boxers on your first day, and to meet lots of people who share the same challenges brought by PD. Classes are 90 minutes long, which include warm-ups, the workout, and a cool-down.
  • are there lockers available?
    Key-code lockers are available during your session. We also offer free towel service!
  • what if i can't keep up?
    It is important that if you feel you cannot keep up or become frustrated, that you communicate with us! We can offer modifications and suggestions on alternative methods to help you focus on specific symptoms or challenges. Do not do any exercises you are uncomfortable doing – please talk to us first if you are unsure of a specific exercise. We strive to offer an encouraging, non-judgmental environment that will allow you to share your specific concerns when necessary.
  • how often should I attend?
    How many times per week you should attend is determined on an individual basis. It is generally recommended that you attend 3 times per week to see positive results. We encourage all of our members to attend as many times as possible throughout the week!
  • how do i sign up and check-in?
    As long as you have paid for your monthly fee, there is no additional membership fee to work out. The staff at the front desk will check you in each time you arrive at Checkmate Boxing. If there is another class still in session when you arrive, we ask that you wait in the lounge area until that class has ended.
  • what is a cornerman?
    At RSB, our care partners are called "Cornermen". The assistance provided by a Cornerman to the boxer is crucial to ensure that boxer is able to participate in each class to their fullest abilities. Cornermen also provide personalized attention to that boxer to ensure the safety of the boxer throughout the different exercises during class. Parkinson’s boxing members are entitled to select a “Cornermen”, who may attend their Rock Steady Boxing classes at no additional cost.
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